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Conexiones CLAMP

Las Conexiones Higiénicas Clamp son de fácil ensamble y sellado rápido, soportan altas presiones, evitan puntos de contaminación por su rápido montaje y tienen una alta resistencia a la corrosión y a cambios de temperatura.


We present to you our SMS Set, its use ensures the safety of your process with zero risk of leakage. Its components allow easy adaptation to your line.

Butterfly Valve "Clamp Body" Type

Mechanical specifications:

✓ Designed to achieve maximum open flow area and minimize turbulence

✓ One-piece disc allows obstruction removal through the shaft

✓ Slotted clamp housing directly connects to any CLAMP-ended fitting

✓ Easy assembly: no special tools required.

✓Silicone seats

✓ Pressure: from 104 PSI to 95°C

✓ Material: 316L Stainless Steel

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