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Quality at OGMAN is non-negotiable

Updated: Jun 19

The inspection we perform on the stainless steel tubings and fittings we sell reflects our commitment to the quality we deliver to our customers. Apart from complying with essential specifications from ASTM, ASME, and 3-A, we perform borescopic tests, rugosity tests, and surface defect detection, in addition to those conducted by the manufacturers.

These inspections and tests are carried out by experienced personnel who have the necessary expertise to interpret material irregularities and appearances that are difficult to assess, under the most demanding conditions set by some of our clients.

In an ongoing need to interpret potential failures inside tubing, when the borescope does not provide sufficient assurance, we must be careful not to make hasty decisions. In critical moments, we can gain much by relying on processes that may seem unrelated to the original issue, such as electropolishing, but we will leave this topic for another time.

Speaking of rugosity, it's worth mentioning a real and crude example we experienced with a supplier, that argued that rugosity measurements should be based on the 7th reading taken with the device, applying the probe exactly at the same inspection point for all readings. In reality, and without fear of being wrong, 2 to 4 readings can be taken at different locations and the average of the results will provide a correct assessment of the surface quality.

It seems hard to believe, but there's still more to watch out for! For example, ensuring compliance with documentation is crucial. It's necessary to remain alert to detect altered Material Test Reports (MTRs), with inconsistent heat and manufacturing dates, documents validating forgings made from insufficient materials, MTRs certifying the production of hundreds of elbows of multiple diameters... just to name a few.

It is essential to emphasize the need to be rigorous and demanding with the numbers. Firstly, we cannot accept MTRs that do not show the same heat number as all the pieces they supposedly certify (unaltered and with the pieces permanently marked). Additionally, MTRs should preferably be in English and legible.

Here, we only present the "peculiarities" of this business. It is important to stay informed and to be in reviewing documentation to avoid compliance issues that in the long run, can be more costly for end users and installers, and even ruin entire projects!

At OGMAN Tuberías Inoxidables, we always provide our customers with certificates that attest to the quality of each of our products and services. This is one of the ways we offer our clients peace of mind and confidence for their projects, with materials that are 100% backed and guaranteed.

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