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How well do you know shell and tube heat exchangers?

Updated: Jun 19

Shell and tube heat exchangers are specialized equipment designed to transfer heat between two fluids without them mixing. They are used virtually in all industries but are ideal for transferring energy in pharmaceutical plants, where fluid handling must be hygienic and sterile.

At OGMAN Tuberías Inoxidables, we are supported by an excellent technical team that designs and manufactures each unit specifically to adapt to the thermal transfer characteristics requested by each user, strictly following design, manufacturing and inspection standards, among others.

Hand in hand with the finest engineers, they are designed and manufactured down to the smallest detail with the highest quality and precision, thanks to the experience and prestige of our represented brands.

Some of the features of our Heat Exchangers include:

  • Double mirrors: Immediate detection of leaks between mirrored tubes.

  • Full stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and product integrity/security.

  • Advanced examination and optimal performance testing technology such as: fiber optic borescope testing, hydrostatic testing, liquid penetrating testing, X-rays, accelerated corrosion testing and surface roughness readings to ensure the specified RA.

  • Orbital welding of tubes (automatic).

  • Absence of the manufacturing of carbon steel parts in stainless steel areas.

  • Hydraulic expansion for the tube-mirror union: This expansion process causes minimal impact to the interior finish of the tubes.

We provide our customers with all documentation based on their requirements, including: material test reports, surface finish reports, data reports, hydrostatic and electropolishing test certificates and technical drawings.

Enhance your process with higher quality, value, and the best performance with the support of OGMAN network of top engineers. Request a quote now or contact your account executive for more information.

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